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    Yoseikan Aikido School of Granby

    Group of Granby Yoseikan Aikido School of Granby
    132 St-Charles Street South
    Granby, QC, Canada
    Tel: (450) 956-0758

    Bernard Monast Sensei, 3rd dan

    Directions to get to the dojo
    Geographical map
    Schedule of courses & practices

    Dojo de Granby  Dojo de Granby

    Directions to get to the dojo:

  • Highway 10 towards Sherbrooke to exit 68, then take road 139 towards Granby.
  • Turn right on Denison West, then take St-Charles Street South towards the dojo.

    Geographical Map:

    Map of Granby

    Map of Granby

    Schedule of courses & practices:

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