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    Words of Morihei Ueshiba

    "Aikido teaches you how to respect others, and how not to behave in a rude manner. It is not easy to live up to the ideals of Aikido but we must do so at all costs - otherwise our training is in vain."

    "In Aikido we never attack. If you want to strike first, to gain advantage over someone, that is proof your training is insufficient, and it is really yourself who has been defeated. Let your partner attack, and use his agression against him. Do not cower from an attack; control it before it begins. Nonviolence is the true practice of Aikido."

    "The practice of Aikido is an act of faith, a belief in the power of nonviolence. It is not a type of rigid discipline or empty ascetism. It is a path that follows the principles of nature, principles that must be applied to daily living. Aikido should be practiced from the time you rise to greet the morning to the time you retire at night."

    "Study and practice, and then reflect on your progress. Aikido is the art of learning deeply, the art of knowing oneself."

    "Keep your hands, hips, and feet in a straight line and your body and mind centered. Your hands are the key to systematically guiding and controlling your partner. If your partner pulls, let him pull, but become one with that pull yourself. In training, discern that which the opponent lacks and then supply it."

    "A technique that is based only on physical force is weak; a technique based on spiritual power is strong."

    "The purpose of Aikido training is not to make you simply stronger or tougher than others; it is to make you a warrior for world peace."

    "In true budo there are no opponents, no enemies. In true budo we seek to be one with all things. The Way of a Warrior is not to destroy and kill but to foster life, to continually create."

    "Never consider yourself all knowing master. You must always be training and studying with your partners."

    "Train hard, experience the light and warmth of Aikido, and be a real person. Train more, and learn the principles of nature. Aikido is becoming established all over, but it will have a different expression in each place it takes root. Continually adapt its teachings and create a beautiful, pure land."

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