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Sylvie Séguin Sensei, 2nd dan

Sylvie Séguin Sensei has the IYBF rank of black belt, 2nd dan. Convinced that it was important for a woman to be able to defend herself, her insatisfaction with conventionnal self-defense courses is what led her to discover aikido. Sylvie Séguin Sensei began her study of Aikido at the University of Ottawa under the tutelage of Kaoru Sugiyama Sensei in 1984. She completed her training at the Academy of Martial Arts Yoseikan in Ottawa with Patrick Augé Sensei and then with the teachers of the Academy following Sensei Augé's departure for California.

Sylvie Séguin Sensei teaches at the University of Ottawa since the fall of 1996. With many years of training, Sylvie Séguin Sensei has acquired more knowledge of self-defense than she once believed she ever would. But since she has also discovered that the perfecting of her training must continue day after day, so much so that the practice of aikido is now an integral part of her life.

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